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What design to choose for the window types of materials

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Times have long gone into history when the windows in each house were formed by Tulia and curtains. Today the market presents a large selection of decorative curtains, which have a wide variety.

If you follow the advice of fashionable designers, then your choice should be stopped by intermediate options for decorating windows, for example, decorative curtains-pliss, Japanese or Roman curtains. Each of these types of curtains has its own unique look, as well as some advantages.

The curtains are in some ways similar to horizontal blinds, but there is one significant difference between them-the curtains-pliss have no office image. Therefore, such curtains can be used both in apartments and in country cottages.

Due to the fact that the pleated fabric, which is attached to a miniature profile, folds into an accordion and has a place of permanent bends, it seems to be impressed, the window is decorated with a light flair. But even despite this, curtains-pliss are able to protect from direct sunlight and views. To control such curtains, use a chain, electric drive or cord. Fabrics used for curtains do not fade, do not dust and do not get dirty, plus they are processed with special metal spraying, which contributes to effective heat production.

As for the Roman curtains, they do not relate to the most fashionable trend in fashion. They are a canvas made of fabric or wood, which are able to close the window opening with one piece.  The main secret of the Roman curtains is that inside the canvas they have fiberlass cords, which play the role of stiffener ribs. This type of curtain can be attached to the ceiling and the wall. For Roman curtains, it is possible to use any type of fabric and absolutely all of them will harmoniously combine with curtains, curtains and tulle.

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