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Navigator for a car

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It is not a particular secret that the personal car in our time requires the owner, much greater effort in terms of increasing its comfort and convenience. That is why it is not surprising that such an approach stimulates the industry of CD-DVD production, car radios and other devices that increase the comfort of the car. Moreover, if the installation of new wheels on wheels or xenon lamps in the headlights does not matter, then the car navigator is a very useful thing. That’s right, because if you look at those concepts that are annually exhibited in the best car dealerships in the world, they all initially have built -in navigation GPS tools. Well, if you decide to purchase, then it is worth saying that car GPS navigators are presented in a large assortment, so the choice will be made not so simple. And then what to look at? Well, for starters, you should choose a navigator based on its functionality, so decide what exactly should "be able to" Your device. In particular, residents of the capital prefer car GPS navigators to obtain the most accurate and timely information about the availability of traffic jams, and those motorists who are often a ZAARD use the Garmin Nuvi 215W or Tomtom GO 930 devices as routers to quickly get to the desired place. So, if you have a car GPS navigator, then you can use a lot of information and, in addition, determine not only the optimal route, but also find out the distance to the desired object and even the height at which it is located, thanks to the work of the barometer altimeter. So there is no limit to the possibilities of modern GPS devices. Do not forget that, buying a navigator, it is advisable to immediately clarify the possibility of pumping additional cards into it (t. To. Some firms initially block this option). It is also important: whether the color screen of the device, what are the additional functions in it, what comes in the kit, and what is the size of the built -in memory of the navigator. Among other accessories, it is worth recalling the need for special fasteners, a cable for a PC and auxiliary antenna. In particular, the antenna will be required to enhance a weak signal, the cord for connecting to a desktop computer or portable computer is useful for pumping on Garmin Nuvi 215W from the network of additional cards, and as advantages it is worth remembering about the possibility of automatic laying of the route or magnetic compass. True, these functions are not always in demand, so here it is worth looking for advice from professionals, and only you decide on the presence of a color monitor! At the same time, not a color screen is somewhat more profitable in terms of value than a more modern and more price color screen, but you should not hope that the quality of the image of the picture on the screen will greatly delight you. As for the size of the navigator screen, there is a huge selection here due to the fact that car GPS navigators have a stationary installation principle and special requirements for weight loss and size do not have. It is better to choose a larger screen, as on Garmin Nuvi 500, which will be a guarantee of the best quality of display. An additional requirement to which modern automobile GPS navigators must meet, including Garmin Nuvi 215W or Tomtom GO 930 is the presence of at least fifteen points in the track. By the way, the larger this figure, the more kilometers of the road can reflect the navigator in their memory. It is also optimal that the device has the appropriate connectors for the card reader, so that there are no problems with the overload of memory during the long journey. It is also worth making sure that the manufacturer did not block the download of new cards to the device. That’s all the data that you will come in handy when choosing a car navigator. Successful purchase!

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