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Do not think that the Spaniard was lucky with the 26th victory

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Like the rest, he could not notice a roadside stone or make a mistake with the trajectory, but he did not do it! El Matador! 26 stages of the World Cup, Carlos Sayns, Matador or King Carlos won during his career, as his hot fans call him. They always felt that he was the best in the world, and now statistics are talking about this. How hard it is to win rally. The efforts of dozens, or even hundreds of designers, technicians, logistics and other specialists from which the best rally teams make up, can nullify an ordinary stone that is not marked in a transcript, or an insignificant blossom in piloting after three hundred kilometers of a tense race. Only when you try to imagine all this, you begin to realize how important the role of the pilot is in general success. Victory at the stage of the championship, even once won once, already puts the winner in the category of the fastest racers of the planet. What can we say about who could achieve her twenty -six times! As a triumph of the current rally Argentina, the candidacy of Carlos Sains was far from the first place. Where the chances of Salberg, Gronholm, Martin, even partner on the command of LEB were quoted. But fate would like to dispose in its own way. Most of the participants decided to start a race with an open ramp. Supplying each other, at once the six crews fought a dense struggle. Paleton managed to head the Solberg and Martin, but it was they who opened the list of the factory pilots who have come down.

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