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Overhaul “One for all”?

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How many times have you done overhaul? Did you know that this necessity appears not only when the construction begins to crumble. Overhaul is not only the elimination of problems and re -re -pacing old worn walls. Overhaul – these are also verification work that the thicket of everything is carried out in firms or in public facilities in order to protect the lives of ordinary citizens. But, builders and architects recommend arranging major repairs every year and at home, and better in the summer, since in winter many construction work is absolutely impossible to produce. The school of masters Mastter will help to make repairs correctly. .

Of course, it is better to agree with specialists in advance, order workers and buy building materials. But, knowing the necessary minimum, you can make a major overhaul and independently. Unfortunately, few people know this most necessary minimum. Therefore, nevertheless, it will be better to resort to the help of specialists. But what about the Internet – you ask. After all, you can “swear” all the questions of interest and implement all the knowledge gained in life. Yes, but then for such a repair you will take ten, and, then fifteen times more time. More money will be spent accordingly. And what is the savings after that?

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