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How to build a sequence of actions in a summer cottage

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For lovers of suburban vacation, their own summer cottage is a large field of activity and fantasy flight. One of the elements of landscape design is the gazebo. This is a kind of “shelter of the soul” and the ideal place on the area where you can retire and reflect, enjoying nature and fresh air.

For the construction of the gazebo, you should well think over the place where it will most logically fit into the overall exterior of the site. If there is a lake or river nearby, then you can no longer look for the best option for arranging the gazebo. It is desirable that this is a shade of place where in the summer heat you can hide from the sun. Typers usually build two types – temporary and constant, but in any case not large sizes. As a rule, three meters of length and two are enough – width. Circular summer gazebos look original. The temporary structure can be mounted depending on the time of year, and constant gazebos require more attention and care.

Despite the time, a gazebo in a small area of ​​a small size, the foundation for it is still required. As a basis, in almost all soils, the technology of a columnar foundation is practiced. The pillars use a profiled oak beam. The pillars are immersed in the foundation pit by half a meter, poured with bitumen or budron.

Then a layer of crushed stone is filled up, which is thoroughly compacted. For the construction of the floor, a beam is attached to the pillars, on which a trimming board is laid. All wooden surfaces are pre -treated with protective solutions. The rafters will be needed to arrange a roof. With the help of corners, they are attached to the wall panels, and connected at the top with a wooden beam and covered with a light crate. Then the roofing material is mounted – metal tiles or ondulin.

In accordance with the chosen style, the walls of the gazebo are formed. If desired, one wall can be closed type (from the sun, wind or unsightly), and the rest are open. Decorative panels or lining are used to finish the ceiling.

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