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What is meant by the concept of siding variety

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Siding is called metal, polyvinyl chloride, and sometimes wooden facade facing panels that mimic the finish. However, these panels are more durable and much cheaper than natural wood.

Siding panels are joined by a special mount. Such a decoration forms a protective reliable shell around the house, which protects the structure from the effects of the sun and moisture.

Metal siding

This material is made of galvanized steel (cheaper option) or aluminum (more expensive, but more durable). Non -combustible panels are used in the decoration of various buildings, among which buildings that are characterized by increased fire hazard (garages, summer kitchens, etc. D.). Metalsayding is good for mechanical damage, its protective coating does not require periodic tinting. The operation of the material provides for a range of the temperature -120 to + 120 degrees. It can have a profiled and smooth surface.

Metalsayding is most popular in the decoration of ventilated facades of new buildings and insulation of old houses. It is distinguished by the simplicity of the installation process.

Vinyl siding

This material, which is made of polyvinyl chloride, is called vinyl lining. It is a type of panels having a certain shape. The design of the panels provides for a special lock and perforated edge for screws or nails. The profile drawing can have a pattern of “Christmas trees” or “shipboard”.

Outwardly the material can be textured and smooth, vertical and horizontal. He does not dry out, does not rot, does not crack, does not burn (at high temperatures begins to melt). The range of its operating temperatures (from – 50 to +50 degrees) allows the use in the northern regions.

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