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Smart House system how to choose for an apartment and home

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Automation of a separate apartment or country house as a whole has a single goal – to provide it with the owner maximum comfort during the room and complete safety in his absence. If you carefully consider the scheme of a cozy house, it becomes clear that the main composition of the equipment for the Cozy House system is the same for any building, whether it be an apartment or a private house.

But there are, of course, the differences. For example, if you approach the side of the complex automation, then the main difference will be in the following. Suburban houses have an individual heating system, adjacent territory, which can also be automated. Safety in the house is given much more attention, as there are more possibilities of penetration into the home and on the adjacent site. For the basic automation of the apartment, much less material and labor costs are required, the installation of the system of simple. But on the other hand, for the apartment, the dimensions of the “Cozy House” system are limited only to the imagination of the customer. There are different ways of integration into general buildings systems. For example, alarm can be transmitted to the central remote control. But what is the main set of the function should be present in the “Cozy House” system in the first place?

For almost all city apartments, today there are central heating systems. This means that they are managed centrally. And carrying out individual comfortable adjustment is quite difficult. But there is a way out! The heating system can be controlled using valves. Each radiator will be equipped with a drive, and the drive controls the controller. If in the apartment plus everything is still worth the heating system, then you can switch to a more profitable option. Using the “Cozy House” system, you can control the operation of the air conditioner or the split system. As a result, with the onset of cold weather, when the heating has not yet been given, the system includes warm air at the air conditioner, while I control the operation of radiators and a warm floor in order to exclude their simultaneous operation.

Using the “Cozy House” system, the front door and window openings can be equipped with special contacts that will signal the opening. If you are not at home, and someone will try to illegally get into your home, an alarm will work. In case of fire, it is worth putting smoke sensors. For apartment buildings, there is always a danger of flooding neighbors. In case of any malfunctions with the water supply, the system can block the water supply.

Living in a “smart apartment” is pleasant and comfortable. Often, we are leaving home, and we are not leaving the feeling that we forgot to turn off any of the electrical appliances. Then I want to be able to check this fact. Using the Cozy House system, this is easy to do, besides this, the system can respond to requests for resource consumption. And you do not have to enter the readings of the meters, the smart system will do everything for you. Many modern apartments use a large number of light sources and it becomes difficult to manage. But the Smart House system using various sensors and switches helps to solve this problem. You can also create various lighting modes: night, economical, as bright as possible and so on.

After all of the above, a logical question arises. Will the whole apartment be in wires? The answer is no. The system uses radio signals for communication, so you do not need to rack your head over how to lay the wires and it is very convenient if your apartment has already made good repair.

You can make your apartment smart, and your life is simple and comfortable.

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