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Suba Outback once again received a portion of technical and visual improvements

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If we talk about appearance, then in general it remained practically unchanged. Minor changes in the design affected only the anterior optics, there were enlarged fog lights in the new bumper and a branded radiator grille with a large Suba logo in the middle was updated, which is why the car has become more important and stylish.

Regarding the 2013 Suba Outback power unit will be represented by two options for gasoline engines, the first of which is 173 strong engine (doch) of 2.5 liters of 2.5 liters., And the second is a 3.6 liter engine with a power of 256 liters. With. Regarding the gearbox, it will be possible to purchase a car with one of the two options presented – this is a six -speed mechanics and a stray variator transmission by Lineartronic CVT. Outback 2013 suspension will be: the front is the MacPherson system, and the back is multi -link.

The car received an improved electric steering system, which simplifies the control of the car, leaving a feeling of full control (the steering wheel does not become cotton).

The first thing you notice when you get into the salon is, of course, the dashboard. In the new model, a color screen appeared on it, which displays speed, economizer and cruise control. The backlight of the tidy is pleasant and does not irritate when driving at night.

The interior of the salon began to look a little richer. The plastic has become better and more soft, and textile materials, which in the previous version collected all sorts of sorcerers on themselves, were replaced by new less marg.

In the ergonomics of the car, everything is intuitive, but there are small comments on the multifunctional steering wheel, on which there are many control buttons of various car systems. In urban mode, when quite often you have to turn the steering wheel, this whole set of switches interferes a little.

A good innovation of the driver’s workplace was that the button for the control of the electronic parking brake, which is very reminiscent of the “suction” in domestic cars, now be near the gear lever. Her work is similar to the work of an ordinary handbrake. Pulling the button on yourself, you turn on the parking brake, and by clicking on it, turn off.

Suba Outback 2013. It is provided thanks to wide windshield and the fact that the car does not have the smallest road clearance (213 mm).

Model 2013 – this is no doubt a family car. Places for passengers located behind them have enough free space to easily place three people on them, and a roomy trunk allows you to transport a large amount of cargo.

Hidest qualities are good enough for him. Suspension settings allow you to easily overcome the irregularities of the road surface. Trips in this car are quite comfortable and pleasant.

Suba Outback demonstrates excellent indicators for soundproofing. During movement into the salon, no extraneous noise penetrates. View ads for Suba Suba in Ufa You can in the Sale of Car Sale.

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