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The cost of the new version of the Continental GT car is named

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Bentley management announced the cost of a recently demonstrated “budget” version of the Continental GT car. This version received much more modest technical characteristics, which made it possible to make it somewhat cheaper, while not at all harm to the image of the brand.

The main difference between the “budget” version of Continental GT is the power plant. If the standard version is equipped with a 12-cylinder version, then only 8-cylinder was used in the simplified configuration. However, the working characteristics of the power plant were left without any changes, only the power and torque decreased.

The simplified version included a chrome version of the 20-inch discs, finishing the salon of natural beige skin and eucalyptus, as well as many other options, usually not used in similar situations. However, this does not mean that the company will not be able to offer in addition to the declared configuration – the motorist will be able to leave the order for another interior design, choose their favorite wheels, from a large assortment.

There is also the opportunity to add a rear view camera, several options for cruise control and audio systems. All this will be included in a separate cost, which will be added to the main price of “budget” modification. It is indicated in 135 thousand euros, while the standard model is offered in Europe for 180 thousand euros.

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