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Style minimalism distinguishing features

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Today, the number of people who want to use the housing rental service, the reasons for this, are inexorably growing, some can not afford their own housing, someone longs for a frequent change in the situation. Therefore, many property owners in pursuit of profit decide to rent it out.

It is worth noting that the competition among the landlords is quite large, so in the struggle for a solvent client it is necessary to fulfill some condition, t.e. Prepare an apartment for renting.

Before renting an apartment, you need to get rid of unnecessary trash, put cleanliness and order there, and it is best to make a cosmetic repair.

For a rented apartment, at least furniture is better. Now minimalism is in fashion, so you need to remove all bulky furniture, so you visually give the room more scope and cleanliness.

When choosing any finishing materials, you should not be guided by your own taste. It is better to give preference to the most neutral options that will like most. For example, for walls it is better to choose light plain paper wallpapers. They are inexpensive, they can easily be replaced.  It is also worth noting that light lights give the room the room and a feeling of purity, which is very important for rented housing.

It is fashionable to apply some decorative elements, for example, decorate the room with a picture or textiles, such decorative elements can be easily removed if they are not to the taste of future tenants.

It is better to give preference to parquet, laminate or linoleum in the floor covering. Soft carpet coatings are not very suitable for the design of a rented apartment, this is mainly due to the difficulty of cleaning them.

It is also worth paying attention to the organization of artificial lighting in the apartment, especially if its windows overlook the north side. There is no much light, especially since with the help of lighting, you can favorably emphasize or hide some nuances in the room. It is necessary to check the serviceability of all electrical outlets, switches and lighting devices themselves.

Evaluate the plumbing with a critical look, it needs to be well cleaned, and the WHO can be replaced if the previous one has been operated for a long time. It is also better to give preference to white specimens in plumbing, this color is the most neutral, gives the room the room, causes a feeling of cleanliness.

All of the above can be generalized in the basic principle of repairing a rented apartment – this is cleanliness.

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