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Magnetic field as the source of energy transfer

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More than once scientists have worked on the task of developing electrical appliances that, eating from electricity, did not need a wired connection to the mains. Such an achievement would make it much more easy to work in the construction of installation (drilling devices, cutting and processing machines, etc.D.). Perhaps it would have no need to completely hide cables in the wall. The recent discovery of American scientists is a step towards going to the masses of such wireless technologies.

The energy carrier is a near magnetic field, which is characterized by high -frequency fluctuations (MGC). To transfer energy, two exactly the same magnetic coils are used, which are able to transfer energy to each other to a distance much exceeding the size of the coils themselves. One of the coils draws energy from the network and transfers it to the second coil located in electrical equipment. Noticed that increasing the number of consumer coils increases the efficiency (efficiency) of the system. This method of energy exchange is called resonance magnetic connection. At the same time, there is a very important difference between the new technology – magnetic fluctuations do not have a negative impact on a person and do not change the work of thin sensitive electrical engineering. This is a new safe way to transmit electric energy to a distance. Now scientists are working to increase the efficiency of such an installation.

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