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Datsun published the teaser of the future hatchback

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Until recently, the revived brand Dutsan has already managed to publish the teaser of its new hatchback. According to official information, the presentation of the car should take place on July 15. Most likely, the model will be called K2 and will go on sale only in the most progressive markets. The main emphasis, of course, will be placed on Indonesia, Russia and South Africa.

The new hatchback will receive a platform on which Nissan march is being built. A three -cylinder engine that is steaming with an automatic or mechanical gearbox will enter into the equipment of the car. The car gets a salon, which is not inferior to anyone in its class. There are guesses that for even more saving, the place of the transmission lever will be placed on the front panel. According to the RBC Daily newspaper, the company’s management planned by 2015-2016 to sell no one hundred thousand Dutsan cars only in the Russian market. For example, if you compare the novelty from DUTSAN, then Skoda will be more expensive and more fiercely.

“Lada cars will be our direct competitors. But, despite this, we will offer such a product that will partially differentiate our car with a product of partners, which will significantly strengthen its position among probable competitors, ”said the head of the brand Vincent Cobe.

Information has recently spread regarding the ban on car supply to Western European countries. This is due to the fact that the company has chosen a different course and will focus on completely different markets. It was such information that was shared by the executive vice president Andy Palmer.

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