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How to carefully cover the walls with decorative trim

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The time comes when I want to update something in any room. Rearrangement of furniture or buying something new does not always arrange the owners. Sometimes it is simply necessary to carry out at least cosmetic repairs.

Many who rarely face repairs or construction do not even imagine where to start and how to organize everything. Therefore, you often have to “fly” over the just painted floor, or expand the doorways in the already repaired room.

If you do not have the opportunity to temporarily move from the apartment in which repair is planned, it is better to divide it into zones and repair it gradually. It is also worth doing if you are constrained in material resources, in this case you should determine which of the rooms the repair is the most critical. There you need to start the preparatory stage.

First you need to remove the furniture, it must be removed from the room or pushed from the walls to the center.

If you do not plan to replace the flooring, it is necessary to protect it from a possible negative impact. Parquet, laminate or carpet coating is covered on top with sheets of packaging cardboard, I cover with plastic wrap.

The next stage is the removal of the old coating from the walls and the ceiling. If the walls are very old wallpaper, then you need to be patient since it will not be easy to remove them. Most often, the ceiling is covered with lime whitewashing or water-dispersion paint, it must be washed off.

The paintwork of the doors, the window and all the other must be removed only if it cracked or peeled, in any other case, new paint can be applied over the old coating. The coating can be removed mechanically or chemically. The mechanical is that the paint layer is cleaned with a building skin. The chemical method provides for the use of special, industrialized solvents. Such solvents should be chosen depending on what paint is treated.

It is necessary to remove sockets and switches in order to carefully cover the walls with a new decorative coating.

If they can be disconnected on the floor of plastic skirting boards, this will glue the wallpaper better. If the skirting board is wooden and the replacement of the flooring is not planned, then they must be protected using painting tape.

Adhering to these main stages, you can easily carry out cosmetic repairs.

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