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How to equip a cellar in the garage what you need to know

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Any car owner probably has a garage that uses for its intended purpose. And only a dazzle owner will realize that the garage can become the basis for the construction of the cellar.

Unless, of course, we are not talking about a portable garage “shell”. For a city resident, the construction of his own basement will simply be a find for storing fresh or canned vegetables and potatoes prepared in the country. The owner of country houses will save the means and area of ​​use of a small land plot in the area.

At the first stage of construction, it is necessary to study the soil and the possibilities of deepening by three and a half meters. Typically, when building a garage, a strip type of foundation is used, which makes it possible to use it as a basis for the walls of the cellar, and the ceiling will serve as a basement overlap of the garage. Saving – you can’t think better!

On dry soil, you can make lightweight walls from a roof or asbestos -cement slate. To do this, you need to glue it in pairs with a bitumen mastic or casein glue. A strong sandwich obtained in this way – the panel will provide wall strength. On other soils, you can use well -burned brick, bottle or reinforced concrete. Concrete walls will require formwork structures, which will be filled with a solution in layers.

The construction of the cellar is not possible without flooring. To do this, you need to align the surface, laying and rammed 30 cm of a layer of sand. For waterproofing purposes, the floor area is poured with hot bitumen. After that, the floor is formed from reinforced concrete plates. Their thickness should be at least 20 cm, and the floor screed is produced with a concrete solution using a metal mesh.

For better air circulation in the walls of the basement, ventilation holes are sealed. Before using a cellar for storing vegetables, the walls need to be whitewashed and thoroughly dried. To do this, you can burn a dozen of dry alcohol tablets. In addition to drying, this method will ensure the destruction of putrefactive bacteria.

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