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How to glue wallpaper on the ceiling on your own

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Pushing wallpaper on the ceiling is not difficult. But, she scares many, they prefer to better paint the ceiling. Wallpaper glue on the ceiling even much easier than gluing walls.

The ceiling is even and there are no obstacles, like inaccessible places on the walls or various bends. Just one insignificant obstacle that is on the ceiling is ceiling sockets for a chandelier, and even this cannot be called a problem, it is easily dismantled.

If you follow this instruction, then gluing the wallpaper will pass correctly and accurately. It is necessary to apply marks to the ceiling, in order to apply the first to the wallpaper precisely on the marks. It is easy to make the line, you can rub the lace with chalk, and holding it on both sides to beat off on the ceiling.   

Or you can fix the lace to the ceiling on both sides, pull the lace on yourself and release. And color chalk is immediately printed along the entire length of the ceiling, creating a clear mark.

Glue wallpaper on the downward surface is somewhat not familiar. Despite this, the rules are the same as working on the floor, only on the contrary. Glue the wallpaper precisely, just as glue them on the walls. Measure the required length and apply the canvases to the base, smack with a brush or rubber roller. Remove the excess glue with a napkin. When you reach the joints of the adjacent wall, cut the excess with a sharp construction knife.

Before starting work, read several important tips that will greatly facilitate your work:

Before laying on the ceiling, prepare the plates thanks to them the wallpaper of the cream along the entire length is much easier. It would be nice to create the flooring of the construction forest, they will allow you to install a step -of -line on the steps, at the height you need. You can also equip supports yourself.  Align the existing bumps and put a spaces. How you stick the first layer, move the supports and can be glued on.

It is inconvenient to glue the wallpaper alone, so it is better to have an assistant, since while one glues the canvas, the second must hold them. Glue is applied to the cloth of the wallpaper and on the ceiling, so that they hold better.

While you smeared the wallpaper with glue, fold them with an accordion, so that the upper end turns out to be from above. When you reach the middle, where the ceiling socket, measuring the piercing the wallpaper in the middle, making several small incisions in four sides. Do not forget to turn off the power supply in the shield itself, and not on the switch. Slowly unscrew the lid on the outlet attach the wallpaper and cut the excess. Then tighten the lid back over the wallpaper.

If there is an open niche on the lateral wall, then the wallpaper continues in the niche in the nutria.

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