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Professional studio services for creating virtual and augmented reality

by buma888

Modern methods of creating commercials and films cannot do without special equipment that allows you to create virtual and augmented reality. These capabilities expand and enhance the visual tools for creating any type of content. Stage of production from the StylePhotos studio is offered.

Features of the service

The company offers several scenes that allow you to create different types of spaces. Among them are:

  1. A space where you can shoot scenes for the kitchen.
  2. Space for shooting shower scenes.
  3. The cyclorama hall, where you can create a plain background of almost any size.
  4. A hall with an LED wall that forms a static or dynamic background of any type.

The most versatile option is a stage with an LED wall, which allows you to shoot an unlimited number of scenes based on theme, lighting scheme or other technical parameters.

On the studio’s website there are plans indicating the size of the scenes and lighting options. There are examples of the work of specialists and created videos.

The lighting is unique, created using the Arri and Skypanels orbiters, which are controlled using specialized software, and are able to set the light parameters in exact accordance with the image of the LED wall and the intentions of the authors.


The studio was created by enthusiasts based on their own ideas about how filming should take place. The complexity and variety of tasks, convenience for content creators, and the ability to quickly rearrange scenes in accordance with filming plans were taken into account.

The result is a multifunctional platform that serves a variety of purposes in the field of visual content generation. It can be used by photographers, videographers, and creators of commercials.

The studio is equipped with all the necessary equipment to work with an LED screen of this size and capabilities. The screen itself has a 1.9 pixel pitch from Absen, which means the highest resolution for a device of its type in all of Canada.

Software developers offer a ready-made environment for creating content, or the ability to create an option for specific tasks. In other words, the studio has a comprehensive and harmonious combination of hardware and software for creating visual content. The price of filming depends on the scope of work and the equipment provided, but the costs will fully pay for themselves when the finished videos or images are sold.

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