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How to equip the porch in the country with your own hands

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Any suburban area begins with a gate and a path leading to the porch of a summer house. Sometimes it surprises with what diversity and creative approaches the wings of private houses are created. An unusual porch can only be created with your own hands. By the way, science is not difficult. You will need fantasy, materials and actually – the hands of the master.

The more common material for the porch of the garden house is the wood. The easiest option is the entrance device that combines an open staircase with a closed area. For the construction of the stairs, you will need two bars as the supports and steps made of strict coniferous boards boards.

Vertical details located under the steps are made from a board 2.5 cm thick. The assembly of the structure is carried out in stages. First, it is necessary to strengthen on the support beams inside the structure triangular guides three centimeters thick. A small slope is performed for moisture drainage.

The upper point of the guides should be in the horizontal plane. Steps are attached to the prepared structure from the inside with nails. If the first step is high from the surface of the earth, you can make an additional element – the starting step. The main thing is not to forget to connect it to the stairs. For the strength of the porch, the upper edges of the staircase beams are “driven” into pre -prepared recesses.

A more complex option for building a porch is a verandal design. For racks, bars with a section of ten by ten centimeters are used. They strengthen horizontal bars, which serve as the basis of the ceiling. A decorative fence resembles a wooden pitch fence is created on both sides. The staircase with the fence does not connect. The porch is performed without risers. The extreme boards of the flooring are attached to the lower base of the sheathing and the side of the stairs. To increase wear resistance, the steps are made from a thick board. The wooden surface is treated with protective and decorative paintwork materials.

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