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Когда человек слышит что-либо о лазере, то в его голове сразу же возникает страшное оружие, с помощью которого можно разрушить практически все на своем пути. The laser has such properties as accuracy and decent range of exposure. But it is not so scary to use the laser when you know that he can be of great benefit. For example, it is often used in the field of science and medicine. But the use of the laser as a pointer is also known, which is a very convenient tool in the learning process. The principle of operation of such a pointer was borrowed for other purposes, or rather, for improving the pedestrian crossings that are on Earth.

Hojoon Lim, designer from South Korea has developed an alternative to the usual traffic light. Its device called Grdian uses a laser to regulate the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. Когда горит зеленый свет для пешеходов, то лазер преграждает путь автомобилям, и они не могут заехать на территорию пешеходного перехода. And when the green light lights up to the movement of transport, pedestrians are fenced with the same beam for their part. The device itself includes four columns, which must be installed along the edges of the pedestrian crossing. Pillars alternately change the direction of lasers, which allows you to observe strict discipline in the movement of both drivers and pedestrians. Now the road will cross will be much safer.

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