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How to build a foundation on clay soil what to take into account

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Here is an example of the construction of the foundation on clay soils for a wooden house. Under these conditions, it was decided to make a pillar foundation. Then the site was cleared and marking. Thirty piles for piles drilled to a depth of one and a half meters. Since the foundation was made by the future owner of the house, he decided to make piles from a dense roofing material, from which he turned two -meter sleeves. He wrapped a synthetic twine protruding over the ground. Two cubic meters of concrete was enough for the owner to fill all the sleeves. He notes that a gravel was used as a filler for concrete. After installing the reinforcement, the owner had ten free days while the concrete grabbed. Of course, this time was not wasted. It was necessary to fall asleep between the sleeves with sand, flatten it and compact it.  In addition, it was necessary to water and cover concrete.

And now the concrete has acquired the desired strength, now the time has come for the lower binding. The owner covered the surface of the pillars with bitumen mastic, and then paved trim from roofing material.  To fasten the lower binder to the foundation in the corner and central pillars, the owner laid an anchors. He also covered them with bitumen mastic and wrapped it with roofing material. Thus, the corners are caught. With the help of old boards, they need to be fixed.  The rest of the lags strengthen the remaining pillars. Now you need to check the resulting structure for horizontal.

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