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Hyundai i40 Tourer Test Drive

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Consider the Hyundai i40 Tourer car, which in May 2011 in the United States took fourth place in terms of sales volumes. Such popularity did not leave us indifferent and I really want to tell us what the fourth model of this class attracts so. We are considering a model purchased in January 2011, bought in the most peak for sales month.

A distinctive feature will call the new Hyundai i40 offline at once. The body also did not remain unchanged: the path of evolution is approximately comparable to the transition to the new design of Solaris. In a word, the design gave more dynamism due to greater demand among European consumers. They worked on the design in Germany, which gave more “muscular” sides of the model. The new design also gives more sports and lightness of the model.

As we said above, the salon completely began to look in a new way: the technical equipment has become on top, there is a touch display and satellite navigation function, which is part of the basic configuration. The material used in the Hyundai i40 was made from more pleasant to the touch and similar to an expensive analogue.

Also, the dealers can additionally order heating of the seats, which in the model under consideration was presented only for the driver’s seat. The kit has a system for maintaining a strip. Thanks to the sensors fixing the deviations, the signal is supplied to the steering wheel amplifier and return to the trajectory. Many owners were happy with such a new product. Having drove about 15,000 km on it, we completely felt all these innovations.

Hyundai i40 was released with a 1.7 -liter turbodiesel engine and with a two -type gasoline engine – 1.6 and 2.0. A two -liter engine allows you to accelerate on the track to 100 kmh. Has such an engine of 177 forces – this, for comparison, exceeds many models of this class. A trip at high speed does not cause complaints. The gearbox is both mechanical and the machine is equipped with six steps. The road holds well: the rolls of the body are insignificant. Although, if you turn the steering wheel in the first or second gear, sometimes trembling occurs.

Now let’s pay attention to other strengths of this model. The car is more suitable for long distances, and not for urban maneuvering. The car seemed a little more informative than its predecessors. The suspension reacts to unevenness quite acute. The machine is very spacious both behind and in front: in the trunk, a space is very competently organized, which pleases with its spaciousness, the salon has a large number of niches and pockets, where you easily place any little things.

Among the possibilities and configurations there is a high -quality audio system in the cabin. The cabin has almost clearly tuned audio acoustic, which will appeal to lovers of high -quality sound. Among a significant drawback, we note the rear seats that are removed by folding the hind backs. Of course, this gives a more spacious trunk, but with sharp braking, things from the trunk are pressed on the walls of the seats and periodically fold them.

In the price range, the Hyundai i40 is in fairly suitable proportions. In general, the Korean auto industry is trying to capture not only third world countries, but also Europe with America. This allows you to create cars for any tastes and any road surfaces, both for high -quality highways and for off -road Russian.

In addition to increased controllability and safety, a quiet salon was very pleased in motion. The car deserves close attention and is a strong rival for European cars. Such new and progressive models Hyundai continues the expansion of the world market. This model combines safety, style, luxury, design and dynamism. The assembly quality has already established itself and, perhaps, in Russia, Hyundai was fixed thoroughly.

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