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The Moscow government will not make the entrance to the center of the capital paid – this was announced in an interview with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The Moscow mayor said that money for entry will not be taken, both within the boulevard ring and within the garden ring. In addition, in the coming years, the authorities are going to take control of the parking space in the Boulevard Ring. Sobyanin commented on answering the questions of journalists that no restrictions on road transport in the center of the capital are planned. “Not within the garden ring and, of course, nor within the boulevard ring,” the mayor noted once again in an interview with a local television channel.

“Yes, this approach exists in a number of cities – for example, in Singapore and London. Temporary measures are organized in Beijing, ”the mayor recalled. Nevertheless, according to Sobyanin, at a free entry into the city center, the city hall will put things in order with parking lots. In 2012, the parking space in the Boulevard Ring area was already taken under control, and now this year – within the Garden. In the capital, in the future, it will be possible to leave a car only where there are special signs. Earlier, the Moscow government created the “administration of the parking space of the city of Moscow”, which should engage in work and the creation of parking lots. This organization will write out fines for violation of the basic rules for placing cars in such parking lots. From November 1, 2012, a parking fee has already been introduced on one of the streets in the center of Moscow. Initially, parking will be paid only on three streets: Karetny Ryad, Petrovka and Theater Square.

Residents of Moscow will be able to pack in the center for free only from 20:00 to 8:00. In the daytime, it is necessary to pay 50 rubles per hour or about 18 thousand rubles a month for parking in such places. From visiting people, hourly payment will be counted around the clock. Parking will be paid on Kopyevsky, Assumption, Petrovsky, Dmitrovsky, Likhov, Bolshoi, Third Kolobovsky, Small, Middle Karetnaya, First, Second, Rakhmanovsky and Krapivensky lanes, as well as on the streets of Petrovka and the Brown Ryed, Petrovsky lines and Petrovsky Bulvar. Residents of the TsAO Moscow collect signatures for the abolition of paid parking in the territory of the Boulevard and Garden Ring.

Russian roads are a very sick and at the same time very funny topic for every citizen of the Russian Federation. Only in single regions they more or less fully comply with European standards and decisions. However, to calculate such regions, healthy people should have enough fingers of one hand. Not included in the list of elite roads of the Russian Federation and the roads of the Karelian region. More recently, at meetings of the regional group, the Minister of Construction of this region informed reporters that 90% of Karelia’s local ways did not comply with any standards. This indicator is one of the worst throughout the Russian Federation. The reasons for this are insufficient financing and the absence of a specialized structure in municipal administrations, which could observe the state of local roads.

However, even international paths in Karelia cannot boast of a great state. For example, in poor condition is the road leading to the Vyartsil checkpoint. The same can be said about the road to “Suoper”. According to Efimov, now the main financial accent will be reasonably placed on the repair of existing roads and forks. After all, the costs of building new paths will significantly exceed a simple repair of old. And why build something new, if all the old requires such a significant degree of attention. Residents simply will not understand. True, residents will also not understand ministers even if the roads do not really begin to repair. And after 12 months, ministers will again refer to bad funding and the like things.

Yes, of course, the metropolitan and respectable regions are funded at times better. However, as some experts note, funds for the repair and maintenance of Karelian roads in good condition are really allocated. However, they are still not enough. Therefore, in the next one and a half years, it is planned to create the Road Fund of Karelia, the annual budget in which will be approximately 12.5 billion rubles. At the same time, they plan to repair roads using the use of technologies for diluting the canvas. This will help reduce the amount of dust, formed pits and puddles. This technology is quite cheap and is currently successfully used among the Finns.

Skoda cars are one of the most famous and exported cars in the world. Of course, they cannot compare in popularity with cars of the brands “BMW”, “Mercedes”, “Toyota” and “Volkswagen”, but they occupy their honorable place in the world market. By the way, about Volkswagen, because ŠKODA AUTO has been belonging to the concern of these German cars for more than 20 years, and this order of things, of course, affects the characteristics and quality of the Czech product.

The cost of standard and well -known models “Skoda” ranges in the range of 405,000 – 1,900,000 euros. You can find out more accurately about each model separately on the Internet. The main office of this manufacturer is located in the city of Mlada Boleslav. By the way, the company’s internal record for the number of cars produced is 2009. In those 12 months, the plants produced 684,226 cars of various brands “Skoda”. This, definitely, indicates that people learn more and more and begin to appreciate the unique qualities of these cars. Moreover, not only Europeans or Czechs separately value this quality. Skoda cars are exported immediately to 70 countries of the world!

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