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Brick houses

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On the territory of the Russian Federation, one of the most popular materials used in the construction sector can be considered brick. Such a high position of this material can be explained first of all by its strength, durability and ease of use. It is also worth noting the relative cheapness of the material and the lack of difficulties associated with its purchase. Bricks can be purchased at any construction market at quite acceptable prices.

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Prior to the start of construction, make a house project, conduct a thorough analysis of what you need to build materials. In addition, you need to decide how you are going to use this house. Yes, this can also be important, since for the construction of a summer house you will need to make only efforts, and for the construction of a year -round one, completely different. If you plan that you need your building only in the warm season, then when building it is allowed to use halves of bricks, in general they should be enough so that the construction can give you a roof over your head, as well as the possibility of a good rest. In the event that you plan to build a house in which it will be possible to live even in winter, you will need to seriously sweat, having built not only the walls, but also arranging an excellent thermal insulation in the house, which can be achieved not only with the help of the stove, but also by insulation of the walls.

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