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Kapustinsky granite

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This type of granite has high quality and affordable price.

It is mainly endowed with a rich red tint and a coarse -grained pattern. Thanks to such a structure, an unusual textured finish is created.

Very often it is used in the construction of such structures as


The Palace of Culture,


Bath cabinet,



basement floors,

Monuments, etc. P.

The Kapustin granite is finished from the outside, and its color and the structure itself are suitable for various building materials in Moscow.

In addition, in the building materials market, this type of granite has proven itself very well, because the decoration with such material always looks in style.

Kapustinsky granite is finished as inside and outside the room.

If you alternate it with gray or black granite, then it looks excellent.

Such granite can be polished and heated.

Polished more, the facade of the building is faced.

Heat -treated granite most often interprets the interior. Its color is a little paler. Such granite has good strength and resistance.

A granite monument can stand without destruction of more than three centuries.

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