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Fireplace or beauty

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Today it is very possible to live surrounded by antiquity, or rather objects similar to ancient objects, but made in a modern way, taking into account modern safety requirements and not only. This also applies to fireplaces in country houses and even apartments. However, fireplaces can be divided into two types – those that are for heat, and those that are only for beauty. What you need?

The fireplace, which is built for heating the room, will cost very expensive, especially the classic fireplace on wood. Yes, and in operation it is not so convenient – you will constantly have to clean the pipe from soot so that smoke does not get into the room.

It is much cheaper and more convenient to use electric or gas fireplaces, which only imitate burning firewood. They can also heat the room to the desired temperature. But at the same time, it is much easier to use – only turn on the toggle switch and that’s it, the automation itself controls the operation of the fireplace.

And how nice it is to drink a cup of warm aromatic tea, sitting in a soft chair in front of a burning fireplace. By the way, today I plan to buy Puer tea, very tasty and fragrant. And you tried Chinese varieties of teas?

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