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Preparatory work for cosmetic repair of the apartment

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Even the cosmetic repairs of the apartment can hardly be called easy, since work usually comes complex and time -consuming. Although cosmetic repair means the restoration of the previous state of the room and its refreshing. It is usually supposed to replace the wallpaper, repainting the ceiling, painting of doors, skirting boards.  Preparation for work begins with the release of rooms from furniture. Take out everything that can be taken out. The rest is moved to the center of the room and carefully covered with a film. The furniture should stand so that there is a free passage around the entire perimeter of the room. And also needs access to the entire area of ​​the ceiling. If the flooring is not supposed to be replaced in the process of repair, the floor must also be covered to protect against dirt and deformations.

The skirting board is only dismantled if it is supposed to replace it, replacement of the flooring or a parquet cycle. In all other cases, the baseboard is protected by a painting tape. Further sockets and switches. Decorative frames from them must be removed, and the insides should be sealed with a painting tape.  Further from the ceiling and walls, old coatings are removed – wallpaper, paint, whitewash. The exfolved areas of the old coating are removed with a steel spatula and the cracks expand. Close up deep cracks in a fast -hard -harding repair putty on a cement basis. The plump -in cracks must be primed and the surface is leveled with the finish putty 2 mm thick.

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