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Which roofing material to choose for the roof of the house

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During the construction of a house or a business unit, everyone tries to make a roof faster, so that in cold weather to calmly engage in interior decoration.  The choice of materials for the roof also occurs when the estimate is compiled for construction. Several basic factors should be taken into account here. First of all, this is the type, durability, weight and price of roofing material because all these elements affect the final result in the estimate.  Let’s look at what types of roofs offer us today.

First of all, it is a metal tile that has its advantages in the form of simple installation, affordable price and a variety of color. Compared to clay tiles, it has a lighter weight. But, at the same time, metal tiles have its drawbacks. First of all, if the roof is complex, the consumption of the material increases.  In addition, individual places where the anti -corrosion layer was disturbed during installation, you need to process separately.  And again, steel does not save heat well enough, so the thermal insulation system should be additionally installed.

It is worth noting corrugated board, which is very multifunctional and universal.  Its installation can be done at any time of the year.  Ceramic tiles, which are very frost -resistant, refractory and colorful, are particularly popular. It is very strong to bend and absorbs the noise well, does not lend itself to heating during the heat, and also does not accumulate electricity.  But such a tile is quite heavy and requires very complex and attentive installation.

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