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What is the sewer network of the features of the creation

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We can’t see her, but without her our life can turn into a punishment. We are talking about sewage, which should function clearly and without failures.

The sewer network is a very complex system. Part of this system is always in sight – sinks, washbasins, toilets. They are inside our house. But there is also a ventilation pipe, sewer connections to risers, waste pipes … All this is located outside the buildings. From plumbing, wastewater passes to the risers, from there they are combined in a sewage pipe, then enter the central sewer network or treatment plant.

The sewer network should be made of reliable materials that are not corroded. There should be a sealed pipes and their compounds. Today, plastic or metal -plastic pipes are more often used to conduct a sewer system in private houses. PVC is very popular, polypropylene and polyethylene. It turns out that it is the plastic that has a low coefficient of roughness. It is easy to transport and install, thanks to this, the work can be carried out as soon as possible. And most importantly – plastic pipes are not subjected to corrosion, which means that they will last for more than a dozen years.

The only drawback that plastic has is insufficient thermal resistance. It is desirable that the wastewater temperature does not exceed 60 degrees. Recommended pipes diameter for the sewer system – 50, 100 or 150 millimeters. When making a sewer, also take into account the distance – the pipes must be laid along the most short way. In a coma, do not carry out sewer pipes above the gas system or electric wires. Lay horizontal pipes under a slope of two to 15%. Sewer pipes can pass indoors, the temperature of which is not lower than five degrees and does not rise above 40 degrees. Otherwise the pipes will have to be finished with thermal insulation. If the sewer network is made of plastic, know – at high temperatures, the pipes can be lengthened.

Sinks, washbasins and baths can be jointly connected to the riser, but for each make their own siphon. The toilet should be connected separately. The diameter of the riser will depend on the amount of wastewater. It should be at least 100 mm.

A pipe that removes wastewater from the home sewer network to Street, is called the release or sewage connection. Its diameter should be equal to the diameter of the largest sewage pipe. Usually it is 150 mm. The release is laid, like waste pipes, under a bias of 2%. Here you can make an observation well.

It is very important to do ventilation, that is, connect the sewer network with the atmosphere. So the pressure in the pipes will be leveled during operation. And the system itself is to ventilate. Without ventilation, unpleasant odors from the sewer system can fall into the room.

We hope that these nuances will help you when planning a sewer system in your home.

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