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How to correctly choose a shower cabin, what to take into account

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The popularity of showers and numerous advertisements of this product were the reason for the occurrence of a mass of stereotypes and errors, which we will try to dispel in this article.

1. Many people believe that the arrangement of a shower cabin is expensive and difficult. In fact, a small shower cabin, consisting of a simplest palm and doors, will not cause a financial hole in the family budget. And they are quite enough to arrange a shower. Isolate the walls (put the tile or sheathe them with siding) and install the mixer you can well yourself.

2. Remember that combined shower boxes such as shower+sauna will not be able to provide you with hot steam as in a real Finnish bathhouse. The maximum possible pair temperature in them is 40-45 ° C, but not 80 ° C. If you dream of a steam room, the bath will have to be built separately. In addition, if the shower cabin is equipped with a steam generator (and without this a bath is impossible), then there should also be a fan. Otherwise the steam will be distributed unevenly. As a result, it will be hot at the top level, and the legs will freeze.

3. Book boxes with massage nozzles are very popular. But remember that with real massage, water should come from the nozzles unevenly – from the lower row and further in turn. Otherwise, this is an ordinary shower. In addition, with water massage, it should be the ability to adjust the direction of the jet and its thickness. If you managed to choose a shower booth with a real hydromassage, do not rush to buy it – first find out whether the water pressure of the water is complies with the requirements of the booth manufacturer.

4. If you want to save, do not strive to buy a booth with electronic thermoregulation, it is better to pay attention to models with a thermostatic mixer.

5. So that the manufacturer and the seller do not promise you, even the highest quality shower cabin will not last longer than 15-20 years. Although this is not bad.

Do not rush with the choice, carefully consider all the details of the future operation and focus not on the seller’s assurances, but on your own common sense.

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