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De Tomaso will receive a new life

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Italian legendary brand called "De Tomaso" The revival awaits in the near future. This data is reported by the information agency "Autocar", At the same time, citing the new owners of this brand – a company called "Automobili Turismo E Sport".It should be noted that a new life "De Tomaso" will begin with the modern version of the old model. We also add that it will be a megakar called "Pantera", which was produced by this auto company in the 70-80s of the last century. Platform "donor" This model will be a sports car of another revived Italian brand – "ATS 2500 GT". His debut occurred in the year before last. He received a carbon body and a power unit with a capacity of 550 "horses". Sports cars, KAMAZ dump trucks, city micro -lines, etc. D. All this you have the opportunity to order at this time using sites on the World Wide Web. It should also be recalled that the rights to a bankrupt brand called "De Tomaso" company "ATS" was able to purchase in the fall of the previous year. Then her representatives reported his intention to return this brand to the market."Reboot" implies a whole family of sports cars, but its fate will depend on the success of the model "Pantera". The market exit of the model is scheduled for next year. According to the developers themselves, the novelty will focus on powerful engines and a bold design. It was these advantages that she could once "hook on" their first buyers. So in the 70s "De Tomaso" was in good demand in the US market.

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