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What are the requirements for materials for the ceiling and floor

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The first thing you need to decide is the choice of furniture and building materials for your kitchen. You must evaluate the dimensions of kitchen furniture and try it on the size of the room.

You should also determine the approximate costs of the purchase of materials and the kitchen decoration. It is important to remember that the kitchen as a room should be not only functional, but also comfortable. Being in the already finished kitchen, you should feel comfortable.

The floor for the floor should be selected durable, resistant to pollution, excessive humidity and chemicals. Currently, materials such as laminate, tiles and linoleum are very popular., the benefit of their choice is huge. You can choose the coating to your taste, the main thing is that it corresponds to the above.

The material for the ceiling is selected according to moisture -resistant properties, because it will need to be later from time to time to wash. At the moment, stretch and suspended ceilings are highly popular, which give the kitchen special originality and beauty. When using such ceilings, an important circumstance is the size of the kitchen.

Before finishing the walls of the kitchen, you should think about the location of sockets and wiring so that it does not happen that the microwave or the refrigerator will not reach them. The use of extension cords does not give the appearance of your beauty kitchen, so you need to take care of this in advance.

Among the many possible options for wall decoration, the poisonous work wall does not lose popularity. It allows you to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen, and is very convenient. Remember, if your small kitchen is recommended to use light colors in the decoration for visual expansion of the space.

In any case, the decoration of your kitchen in your same hands. Clean your strength and budget, use the advice of specialists, and the kitchen will become pleasant places to ware time.

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