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Classification of building instruments differences

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In modern construction, tools are divided into manual and mechanized. Both must meet a number of requirements, the main of which is efficiency, low weight, saving labor costs, portables and, of course, security.  The greatest importance is attached precisely the safety. Expand any labor protection instructions.  Each of them contains points of the need to inspect building tools before starting work. In addition, additional examinations and tests are needed. The mechanized tool that is used at construction sites must still ensure the safety of. For this, standards are also developed. Then it will last longer.

Summer residents and owners of private houses, of course, do not develop any standards, but to observe attentiveness and caution using construction tools, they should also. In private houses and in dachas in a larger move, manual building tools, mainly a carpentry and carpentry tools, but there are a sufficient number of mechanized.  These are tools for transporting goods, locksmithing work, welding, finishing and masonry work, various measuring devices. Good assistants in the construction of a crusher, electric drill, grinding machines and other machines. They all reduce the cost of strength and reduce time. Naturally, mechanized tools are more expensive.

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