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Invisible motorcycle

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One American designer decided to reconsider the concept of a motorcycle and change people’s ideas about this miracle – typewriter. And as a result, he managed to create an absolutely unique model of a motorcycle, the uncertain form of which is practically inaudible when driving and, which is especially surprising, practically not visible.

Joei Ruther the creator of this unique motorcycle model explained in his interview to reporters that he decided to remove all extra attributes from this type of transport. And he called this project Moto Undone, which translates as “unconnected bike”. Unlike all other motorcycle models, it was created exclusively as a means for moving. After all, modern motorcycles have almost moved away from this function, now they buy a bike more to show off than for a simple ride. There is little left of the real motorcycle in the Joey model, from the side and far from the side it seems that it is just floating smoothly over the highway.

This is the type of motorcycle absolutely silent, thanks to the built -in electric motor into the hub of the drive wheel, which moves the entire structure. The creator of a unique invention is sure that you can drive in a stream around the city on one charge in one charge. However, such a unique invention is not destined to appear on the roads in large quantities, since the “unconnected bike” may lead to riots on the roads. But the further fate of the invention is not yet known. It is likely that only the inventor himself will use it.

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