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The complete guide to buying sex dolls for 2024: useful recommendations

by buma888

A sex doll is a toy that is very popular among both men and women. You can get a trouble-free partner to relieve accumulated tension at any time. Find out more information on Absolutesexdoll.com about sex dolls, because this is your opportunity to choose the right toy. Let’s look at the main nuances that you should know about.

Basic criteria for choosing a toy

There are a lot of sex dolls on sale, so you should choose them responsibly. Among the criteria that deserve attention:

  1. Functionality. The most common and inexpensive inflatable doll has only one hole, so it quickly gets boring. Among modern toys you can find models that closely resemble a real person. Such dolls can moan, and oral sex is available with them. There are many other functions that will make your intimate life better.
  2. Appearance. It depends on the price of the doll, so you should focus on individual needs and capabilities. If you have little money and your needs in bed are simple, then an inflatable baby doll is enough. Expensive toys with real hair and silicone skin are intended for aesthetes. You will get maximum pleasure from this kind of sex.
  3. Quality. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the toy. The seams should be neat and even, there should be no glue or paint drips on the surfaces.

In addition, take into account the safety of the toy for your health. It must be made of non-toxic materials. A sharp and unpleasant odor is unacceptable, as this indicates that the manufacturer used harmful paints and low-quality rubber.

What types of sex dolls are on sale?

You can find different types of these toys in sex shops. Among the characteristics of the main options:

  • inflatable doll: this is the most budget option, the toy does not require much storage space, it is easy to transport from place to place;
  • silicone doll: the product has a “living” appearance, the doll is pleasant to the touch, an artificial vagina or penis can be equipped with vibrating mechanisms, which will give much more pleasure;
  • animatronic doll: such toys blink, make sounds, they can be put in any position, but the cost of such products is affordable only for very rich people.

Find a sex doll that suits your individual wishes. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed high-quality sex, even if you don’t have a regular partner!

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