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The season hunting season is always open

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– Controversial “athletes”

How do you like the combination of the skin in the upholstery of the interior, the climate – and the cruise control, heaps of buttons on the steering wheel in charge of manual control of the machine gun? Like? Then we add here a close (because of the frame) landing, completely no (even compared to Duster) a driver’s chair, a huge steering wheel and a gas pedal, getting to which we have to turn the leg. And the clock! They still find them among the gloomy fence of air ducts. Well, when, finally, I discovered, there is no limit to disappointment – so cheap and primitive against the background of general well -being looks like a window displaying time. It seems that it is precisely the disappointment of the Action athlet Pickups is ready to give in an incredible number.

– All the way

The Marathon route was again changed. The output turned out phenomenal numbers: at 4000 km of distance – 2800 km of high -speed sections. And if you still remove a protracted and unsportsmanlike distillation on the main “watermelon” highway from Moscow to Tambov (450 km as part of the SDA), an almost continuous rally rally would be released. Well, however, why assign a start in Moscow? Add pompom? Here and so with ecology is not okay. And the branches of the great silk path never passed. But according to the northern Caspian – yes!

– A few questions

How many years have you been driving? What car you drive now? Are you satisfied with your car?

I have been driving for about 20 years, but I constantly drive a car, without any seasonal breaks, only 9 years old. I drive a car of a large German manufacturer and consider it quite comfortable and convenient for myself.

– We adhere to our credo

Now at the conference by dealers and installers, questions were asked, comments were made, the features of the products were discussed. How much such information and similar communication are useful for developers?

– Pierre Purar

In our journal, a discussion on the national audio production facilities was published at one time. What is Focal in this sense?

– Spaceship from the 80s

For many fans, the 959th is the most coveted car that is any collection

Auto News

The car born for the races was “okay”, but it remained a purebred sports car. Those that requires caution in circulation. He also looks strong, with his “duck tail” and wings of size XL. Adrenaline is guaranteed when this “nut” will develop: at first, the characteristics of this machine for 47 LLC Euro are not particularly impressive. Engine 2.7 l, 210 l. With., 0-100 kmh, 1600 copies produced in just one year. They must admit that everything is in excellent degree: rarity, dynamics, technical perfection. Also if you need high -quality painting Mercedes, then qualified professionals will help you here.

The first 500 copies built for homologation in the GT category were dispersed by customers in just three months, despite the fact that the price was much higher than 2.4 s. Three configurations: simplified (RSH), designed for racing, only 17 copies were shipped: 200 cops of the RS Sport, again without all the superfluous, but with anti -corrosion processing of arches, minimum finishes, two chairs and descending glasses; RS Touring, which was chosen by those who did not want to refuse a drop of comfort: in practice, the equipment was very similar to 2.4 S (mass compared to other RS ​​increased by about 100 kg). 1380 “Turoring” were sold. Accordingly, it is easier to find them, and you can move along public roads on them. For the first time for the serial motor, the cylinders were covered with Nikasil on the RS Carrera: Iztsk, who came from the racing world, from the 917th engine, which won, in Le Many in the category of prototypes.

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