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Recently it became known that Honda’s automobile brand is going to announce Civic, which succumbed to powerful criticism of consumers, already in 2013, t. e. before the official date of the car out of the conveyor for 1 year. The first of it will be able to see the US motorists who are not satisfied with the current model, due to the cheapness and rigidity of the front panel.

Such a news publication as Consumer Reports, engaged in the publication of car rating, did not include the latest generation Honda Civic in the main list of “trusted cars”, calling the manufacturer an inexpensive and unreasonable. In turn, it is similar to a high -quality saw disk, that is, performing work for a long time and reducing the costs of any enterprise. Discs trust only professional workers who know how to act. In turn, the journalism department of the famous newspaper The Wall Street Journal in his articles stated that permission to leave the conveyor of such a car is a deep mistake, understanding which the consumers of Honda Civic were disappointed.

Foreign Europe has not yet been sold by Civic, but the model was shown in Frankfurt, declaring the price and saturation of the configuration in September.

John Mendel-Vice President of Honda, claimed that the brand new Civic will come down from the US assembly line in the spring of 2014. However, according to Motor, after fierce criticism, the car’s performance was decided to implement in 2013.

Mendel said that he does not know exactly how and at what time it will be possible to correct the current situation, but the desires of customers will certainly accept.

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