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Classification of linoleum for home use

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Linoleum is divided into two main groups – household and commercial. The first is perfect for rooms with a slight wear intensity, for example, such as our apartments and houses with you. Laying such facing material is quite simple.  As for the second, this kind of flooring is simply indispensable for rooms with large cross. Commercial linoleum is laid in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc.D. There is also a hybrid of the varieties of linoleum described above – semi -commercial. He incorporated the best qualities, he is a commercial and missile linoleum – he is incredibly strong and easy to install.

Household linoleum is not at all expensive, but this is its main advantage. This flooring is not distinguished by high strength and durability indicators. In addition, the texture and variety of color solutions of this type of facing material leaves much to be desired. 

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) commercial linoleum is much more resistant to wear and temperature changes. Manufacturers say that the service life of this kind of coating can reach 25 years, and in conditions of intensive loads, and these are not empty words. And for standard apartments, where the loads are insignificant, this period can be safely multiplied by two. Despite its high stability, commercial linoleum is also prone to wear, but you are unlikely to notice any qualitative changes. All because the coverage pattern is applied throughout its thickness.

In the manufacture of commercial linoleum, various antistatic and antiseptic impregnations are used, which is very useful for rooms with a large number of household electrical engineering and electronics. A few decades ago in one of the newspapers a number of cases were described when a cat with a long six long, pretty wiped linoleum flooring, beat their owners quite a bit, and animal wool was so elected to such an extent. Of course, with linoleum a new sample this does not happen, thanks to special impregnations.

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