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Features of art parquet how to choose a breed

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Recently, the number of people who want to decorate their house with an expensive exclusive parquet has been actively increasing. For such sophisticated consumers, the choice of art and palace parquet is very widely represented.

Artistic parquet is a parquet elements in which they are laid in the form of a geometric pattern determined more often. The most bowl for this type of parquet is the wood of one breed, and the ornament is formed as a result of different orientations of the wood fibers and the shape of the elements.

Unlike artistic in the Palace Parquet, several types of wood are used, sometimes the number can reach 30 species, as well as curved components of parts. The drawing of such a parquet can be absolutely any, from abstract paintings to a landscape or still life, it all depends solely on the wishes of the customer.

With a stretch, a piece of elite flooring can also be attributed to piece flooring of especially valuable, exotic wood species. It does not represent artistic value, but has a high cost, primarily due to the exclusivity of the material. The cost of this type of flooring can be from $ 30 to $ 200 per square meter, it is worth noting that the bulk of such a parquet is purchased for a finished design project.  In general, among the volume of sales of the parquet, only 10-12 % falls on an elite coating.

As the sellers of an elite parquet noted, the demand for it is constantly growing, and if earlier their main customers were state institutions – museums, theaters, embassies, today the number of private customers is increasing today.

The bulk of the customers of the palace or art parquet collaborate with designers. Only the designer will help the client to determine the general tone and pattern of the parquet. Of course, some decide to do without the services of a designer, as a result of which such a valuable gender is in a completely inappropriate place for him – a bathroom or in the kitchen, luxurious monograms are hidden under a table or carpet.

It is also worth noting that the palace parquet is chosen by customers who prefer the classic interior style.  The use of exotic and art parquet is possible in the interior of any style.

It is not necessary to lose our attention that when using a parquet of exotic wood, the place of origin of which is countries with a completely different climate, it is difficult to predict a particular tree in our conditions.

Of course, the presence of such an elite flooring will become a highlight of any interior, and is able to emphasize the status of the owners of the house as well as possible.

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