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Decorative materials for decorating walls in the apartment

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The most common way of original wall design in the apartment is the finish. It can be performed by different decorative coatings. Recently, the technologies that are used in the decoration have changed a lot.

Simple and smooth plaster is no longer in fashion. Decorative materials were replaced by her. They are not only more resistant to external influences, but also very beautiful. It is decorative wall decoration that helps to maintain a new image of the interior, creating a unique style and comfort in your house.

Venetian plaster is very common now. It has unique properties, including exclusive filling. After all, the inherent marble is based on Venetian plaster. Recall that ordinary plaster is made of sand or chalk. In addition, Venetian plaster already includes a coloring pigment . It no longer needs to be painted after applying to the walls. Venetian plaster is applied to the walls with very thin layers, and then various art forms are given to it.

Today, the choice of colors and textures of Venetian plaster is very great. In the repair case, this innovation appeared relatively recently. However, it is known that even in ancient Rome it was widely used as the final finishing layer. Even at Stalin’s dacha, the walls were decorated with Venetian plaster. It is worth noting such architectural monuments as the French royal palace of Fontainebleau and the cathedral of the Renaissance. The technology of such wall decoration is also used there.

However, do not compare Venetian plaster only with imitation of marble on the walls. With it, you can arrange your walls in malachite, turquoise, exquisite wood or cork bark. Venetian plaster with the effect of greedy skin or a variety of fabrics looks unusual. And experienced designers know how to create aged silver or black metal with this type of plaster. All this looks at the final stage of the finish is simply gorgeous.

Among other things, Venetian plaster is distinguished by its durability. And along with decorativeness, it is also very environmentally friendly material. It has no smell and is very easy to care for it: wash with soapy solution and a special brush. After the repair, you will not see cracks, the “Venetian” easily fits on any surface, whether it be wood or concrete. And the temperature regime that withstands this finish is from -50 to +80 degrees.

Venetian plaster can be made perfectly even or give it a “torn” effect. In order for the Venetian to look high quality and beautifully, you need to make at least five layers of plaster. If the plaster was applied correctly, then its pattern will resemble rose petals or show clear lines. You can choose a glossy and shiny surface, or stop on a matte version. Everything will depend, first of all, on your preferences. And then from the very composition of the Venetian plaster and the technology of wall decoration by various masters.

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