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What is an autonomous energy supply system

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For a comfortable living outside the city, a very important condition is an uninterrupted supply of electricity.  No matter how we would not like to be away from civilization, we still need its elementary benefits.  In order for life outside the city to not directly depend on the whims of nature and electric networks, you need to take care of the design of your home to create autonomous energy supply.  If you design a house and adapt it to create an autonomous energy supply system, you can use this system most efficiently and efficiently.

An autonomous energy supply system is a system that has no dependence on external sources of electricity, and also fully or partially satisfies all the needs for electricity.  Devices that consume electricity can be divided into three groups:

– Electric appliances, which you can do without if the electricity is disconnected (lighting of the pool, sauna, TV, etc.D.).  For them, the main source of electricity is enough;

– Electric appliances that provide the comfort of living in houses (lighting, water supply, elementary household appliances). In this case, you can not do without a backup source of electricity.

– Electric appliances, which are the most important life support systems (emergency lighting, heating, alarm, automatic calls). An uninterrupted supply of electricity is needed here.

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