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The main features of the European -renovation what to take into account

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When we begin to make repairs in a house or apartment, first of all, we ask ourselves: “What type of repair is most suitable for us, and which is most relevant today?”. Everyone has a hearing such a thing as “European -renovation”. As a rule, this concept refers to prestigious apartments, where the repair is made at the highest level. But for most people, it still remains a mystery what exactly to lurk for this definition.

The main features of European repair should be highlighted. How logical to assume, already, judging by its name, this is a repair, made taking into account modern European requirements and standards.  For example, the number of sockets should correspond to the number of equipment used in the house, such a thing as a tee or adapter abroad does not exist, it is also worth noting that the location of those same sockets must correspond to the location of the technique, t.e. They must be bred precisely where it will be used. For domestic apartments, such a standard can be fulfilled only by laying a new wiring, which directly entails the rest of the components of the repair.

This item is the main thing that distinguishes European repair from the usual. Even considering all the possible variety of materials, everything else is very conditional. The main thing is that it is worth noting that renovation is always beautiful, high -quality and, of course, expensive. The concept of renovation involves the fulfillment of its masters of the highest level, although domestic craftsmen in the pursuit of savings can even without the involvement of specialists to make quite high -quality renovation. The cost of renovation depends on its type, but we will talk about this later.

The first stage of the European Republic in any case is the laying of a new electrical wiring. The main thorough planning of the location of sockets and exits to lighting devices. It is worth noting that exclusively copper wires are used to lay the wiring, and only in country houses in order to save money can you use aluminum wiring.

The renovation involves the use of the highest quality and expensive finishing materials, expensive wallpaper or decorative plaster are well suited for interpretation, you can often see the use of manual painting on the walls and ceilings.

Depending on the type of repairs, the scale of repair work also vary. For example, the repair of the economy class provides only to update the ceiling, coverage of walls and floor, it is possible not even replacement, but reconstruction. The repair of the elite class provides for the complete replacement of the floor and ceiling, the movement of walls, their alignment and much more.

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