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How to competently lay the parquet on the floor

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Flooring can be finished using a variety of flooring. One of the most popular was parquet and remains. Today this material can be found in different versions. Parquet is piece, in the form of a board or slab. All varieties of parquet can be laid out in different ways that allow you to create a drawing or geometric shapes.

Laying a parquet board, due to its large size, takes a little time. There are several ways to lay this coating: “floating”, by gluing on the base over the entire surface, fastening with nails to the rack base and laying on the lags. The first method is to glue the boards in the connection “PAZ – Ship”. New fastening technologies allow you to mount such a floor without glue. This is used in laying laminated parquet plates. Due to the use of special ridges – locks, a reliable and strong connection is achieved. Such floors are not susceptible to changes in humidity, temperature and deformation during load. The “floating” method is effective for small surfaces.

If it is necessary to create additional stiffness in a large room, more suitable is gluing the board over the entire area of ​​the floor. This will need special parquet glue. Installation takes a little longer than in the first method, but the strength of such a coating is much higher.

Parquet laying on a pre -prepared “black” floor, more time -consuming. First, a rack base is created. Then, using nails, the parquet board is connected to the base. When using wooden lags, the boards are attached in the usual way and are nailed to the beams through connecting combs or glued. In this case, the application of glue should be uniform along the entire length of the parquet board.  

When installing the parquet floor, the room temperature should be about 18 degrees with relative humidity not more than 60%. These characteristics should be constant throughout the work process. The base surface for laying parquet should be even, dry and clean.

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