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What is included in the landscape design complex

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If we consider the landscape design in the complex, then the ponds are, almost in the very first place. And this is not strange, because they carry a significant aesthetic load.  In addition, the pond on the site perfectly contributes to unity with nature, harmony and balance.

Note that when evaluating someone else’s site, they always first turn their attention to the ponds.  Ponds that form landscape design can be of different shapes: round, square, arbitrary, which is as close as possible to the natural.  Of course, the size and shape of the pond depends directly on the area of ​​your personal plot.  The pond can be small and comfortable, or it can be huge. It all depends on your personal preferences, as well as on the size of the site.  And only you decide how to decorate your wonderful pond.  What types of fish would you like to launch? Or maybe you have a big pond, and you would like to settle the swans there? Which plants are best planted?  Of course, any person wants his creation to be the most original and unusual.

But the pond is such an element of landscape design that cannot be created simply and quickly. But if you show patience, the result will greatly please you and surprise you.  You can lead you, and your suburban area may have a natural pond. Then the work will have to be done less, only clean it and monitor it throughout the time.  You can also modify it, add a small bridge or gazebo.

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