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Classification of thermal -breeds

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The main goal of the thermomotification of wood is to obtain a product that, combining the best mechanical and physical qualities, would not lose its natural environmental friendliness of natural wood.

Thermoduresin in its strength parameters, fully complies with all established European standards, is divided into three classes.

Products belonging to the first class are processed at a temperature equal to 190 degrees. The structure of the tree in this case practically does not change, and all its natural qualities remain the same. Such processing makes the color of the material more saturated. At the same time, the output wood itself darkens a little, acquiring a brownish, reddish or yellowish tint. You can use it in the same way as a regular tree, but only after passing the standard drying procedure.

Products belonging to the second class are processed at a temperature of 210 degrees. Thermal, which is thus, becomes more resistant to decay, and the indicators increase three times. But, unfortunately, the material loses its elasticity and flexibility to some extent. From the wood obtained in this way, various high-quality lumber, finishing panels and floorboards, park and sedimental structures, interior sets, garden furniture, doors, windows and much more are usually made.

Products belonging to the third class are processed at a temperature of 230 degrees. The resulting material is recommended to be used under conditions that requires very high resistance to decay processes. For example, it is used in yacht construction, in the construction of berths, for decoration of arbors, terraces, patio, facades (external). Just, just from this tree, fences and playgrounds are performed.

Thermodosk during treatment at such a high temperature changes at the cellular level, so all the properties inherent in it are modified. Extra -important qualities of wood – thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, hygroscopicity and durability – are significantly improved.

And just from the three main indicators of the tree: hygroscopicity, low hygroscopicity and geometric stability depends on how extensive the scope of its use will be. Indeed, in some areas, thermomaterial is used, combining either several of the listed properties, or at the same time all.

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