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With what materials you can insulate the balcony

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Rational owners of balconies are always interested in the question of how this “gift” in the form of another additional room to make a warm living room. There is nothing easier than warming up and “ennoble” a new room in the apartment through the repair.

First of all, you need to take care of a high -quality wooden or metal structure for a large window. Only you should not forget about the proper processing of wood with antiseptics and colorful coating. After installing a double -glazed window or wooden block, it is necessary to carefully close all the cracks with foam or sealant. Next, you should be insulated with walls and floor. There are so many insulation materials that it is difficult to choose the most suitable of them. You need to focus not only on the cost.

First of all, it is better to pay attention to the coefficient of their thermal conductivity. Not always thick materials retain heat better than thin. A simple example: a layer of mineral wool for insulation will need impressive, unlike modern polystyrene heaters, but it will be cheaper. High -quality and practical is extruded polystyrene foam. Its thickness is not more than 5 cm, it is easily cut and does not crumble.

As a floor waterproofing, a traditional roofing material or foam is used. On concrete surfaces and parapet, these materials are laid over and sealed at the seams with glue. As a sealant and insulation, the last generation material is simultaneously used – foil -zone. Its thickness is about 4 mm. The mounting of insulation materials is carried out by gluing to the surface. You can use nails, for example, for insulation with mineral wool.

Insulating the balcony, you should remember the need for vapor barrier. This is achieved by the use of special materials or their additional thickness in front of the insulation layer. When working with the ceiling, it is effective to put the streamlines of the technoplex and foam, which can be closed with moisture resistant gypsum plasters or a hinged ceiling.

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