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How to decorate the apartment beautifully and do not overload the interior

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Each person seeks to decorate his apartment, make it cozy and comfortable. But sometimes this desire crosses intelligent boundaries and an apartment from a cozy turns into almost unsuitable for life. It is difficult for a long time in it, I want to leave quickly, there is not enough air and light, etc.D. In this article we will consider the most common mistakes in the design of residential premises and ways to avoid them.

First of all, do not overload the room with jewelry. No matter how accurately they correspond to style, color and character, but if the number of statues, napkins, turning, bows and other things exceed reasonable measures, they will look terrible. In addition, such a room will tire with its variegation, up to the emergence of migraines. In addition, cleaning in a room with a hundred plush bears is enough labor -consuming.

The second extreme is the purchase of a ready -made set of furniture and jewelry without their “personalization”. No matter how beautiful and stylish it was not a ready -made set in the store, guarantees that it will fit well into your apartment, no. It is best to take a plan of your apartment before buying and consult with a specialist who can tell you what details should be changed or added to make the room truly “your”.

By the way, it is not at all necessary to strive to arrange a room in completely one color. Of course, it is necessary to choose a couple of basic tones, but it is pointless to achieve the full compliance of all elements. Bright details revive the room, make it interesting and memorable.

The next important design element is lighting. Correctly selected light can fix the unsuccessful shape or size of the room. But at the same time, an unsuccessfully chosen lighting version can spoil absolutely any, even over-at-end design project.

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