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Tuning of the universal car Dacia Logan MCV

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A universal car called Dacia Logan MCV, which was debuted in Paris in 2006. The tuning of the interior of the minibus includes: overlays on the thresholds in the interior with a special logo "Logan ". Tuning of the exterior of the vehicle provides for elements such as: emblem on the grilles, lower moldings of windows, chrome lining on the radiator grille, chrome of the lining on the mirrors, as well as chromium on the door handles. Decorative lining on the grille of the radiator of this minibus completely change the appearance of the car and emphasize its temper. They are installed in regular places. Dacia Logan’s emblem mounted on the hood of the logo, from the side looks very cool! It is made of stainless polished steel. With the help of chrome linings on the lower windows of windows, the minibus will look just stunning and relevant. Dacia Logan MCV – a car accessories, which is specially designed for this type of transport,. Vetroviki properly protect the side glass from numerous pollution. They are glued to the upper door frame, and closes the window from straight sunlight and spray of water. But a specially provided flycoon, protects directly the hood of the car from the blow of insects and small stones. It is made of heat -formed plastic and glued to the front of the hood.

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