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Venetian plaster to create an elite interior

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Venetian plaster material exclusively for elite interiors. Its eliteity lies in complete individuality and uniqueness. Even the same master will never get completely two completely identical panels.

Venetian plaster – has excellent decorative and operational properties, it is highly ecological, it has good wear resistance, has no toxic smell, is easy to wash, fireproof. Application of plaster is possible at a temperature of +5 to +35 degrees, the finished coating does not require additional operation costs, and very durable.

The concept of Venetian plaster contains not so much the features of the material as a special way to apply it. Masters call this method a support. Its essence in the application of up to 7 thin layers on one another, each of which is smoothed and polished by a special spatula. Each of the layers must be smooth out until the absolutely smooth, glossy coating is up to 1 millimeter thick. On average, an experienced master for applying one layer to an area of ​​1 square meter requires 50 minutes. The cost of the application of Venetian plaster can be up to $ 40 per square meter, this is due to the complexity of the technology, some techniques are possible only to professional artists.

To apply such a coating, not only skill is necessary, but also special tools. Spatulas and graters designed to work with Venetian plaster should be exclusively forged from polished stainless steel.

Today, masters offer various color solutions and technologies for applying Venetian plaster. With the help of modern techniques, it is possible to apply a matte or glossy coating. Such material can be used in almost any room, as a rule, it is applied to the ceiling, walls, columns, cornices. It is worth noting the possibility of applying Venetian plaster in rooms with high humidity.

One of the additional advantages of this material is the possibility of creating frescoes. In this case, the pattern is applied to the last layer before applying the finish wax. The color pigment inflicted at that stage penetrates all previous layers of plaster, and remains there, unchanged forever.

There are techniques for applying Venetian plaster in one color, or several contrasting colors. You can create the illusion of a butterfly flight, soft overflows, geometric pattern. As a final stage, it is possible to apply natural bee wax, this approach creates the impression of an optical illusion, the light rays are refracted and, as it were, go deep.

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