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How to competently choose kitchen furniture, what to take into account

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It is no secret that the kitchen is a kind of center of communication of the whole family. After all, food is not just preparing here, but gatherings with friends are arranged. Every mistress dreams of a modern and spacious cuisine. If your kitchen is small, do not be upset about this. There are many options for increasing the kitchen space.

Pantry or built -in wardrobe can serve this to a noble cause. It is only worth removing partitions and the area of ​​the kitchen will increase slightly. Another option is to transfer the wall between the kitchen and the room, unless of course this wall is supporting. Even a few centimeters of the displaced wall along the length, can significantly increase the kitchen space.

In the event that none of the above options is suitable, then it is time to contact design techniques that allows you to make a visual increase. One of these techniques may be the option of removing the door and alteration of the opening in a beautiful arch, which will look perfect. In this case, it is worth taking care of the establishment of a good hood to avoid the spread of kitchen aromas in other rooms.

I don’t like this option, then it is worth taking care of the purchase of furniture for a small kitchen. A folding dining table will be very helpful. Will help increase the space of the P-shaped or Mr.

Will help in solving the issue of increasing space and such a technique as zoning the room. You just need to break the kitchen into interior areas: the working area and recreation area.

Lighting can also be carried out zoning. The working area should be equipped with bright lighting, this is convenient and when cooking. Lamps and lamps are used here, which are built into the suspended ceiling. It is better to place a recreation area near the window and equip it with suspended lamps.

The separation of the kitchen space can still be made using multilevel ceilings. This method today is quite original and effective.

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