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Criteria for choosing a punch to pay attention to

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Recently, an instrument such as a perforator has become more and more popular. And if only a hukebur and a hammer were used earlier, now it is quite difficult to do without this tool.

Of course, there were such masters who were able to perfectly use the electric drill and could not be afraid to damage the walls while working with it. Others began to buy perforators for a long time. They were produced by both Baltic firms and proven foreign brands.

So what a punch is needed for you? What you need to know when choosing this tool?

First, let’s figure out whether a punch is needed at all. Perhaps it is worth buying an ordinary drill and not really bothering this issue?

Choosing a drill, you can notice that it is both more powerful and easier than even the most advanced punch.

And the consumables for the drills are very inexpensive, and the holes are made small and even.

So why is the punch, and not the drill, which at first glance seems much better, choose it?

The answer lies not at all the surface. The perforator has a function that allows you to make large holes, and it is much easier than the ordinary drill can do, even if it is the most expensive and perfectly copes with other functions assigned to it.

Now let’s look at the main criteria by which it is best to choose a punch.

The first criterion for choosing a perforator is usually weight. Each has their own comfortable indicators, but mostly the most convenient weight of the perforator is approximately two kilograms.

The next indicator that must be taken into account when choosing a punch is the number of modes. In household, that is, the most commonly used tools are usually present two or three modes. Of course, three modes provide more functions and greater accuracy, but those who value the greatest simplicity and ease of use should choose a punch at a minimum number of speeds and modes, as sometimes you need to act quickly. In addition, in the buttons, often inconveniently located, you can sometimes get confused. Especially if you are a beginner.

Also important indicators are power, which has a fairly large range and depends solely on your financial capabilities.

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