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When you want silence!

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Which unites people who are eager for comfort? Does our apartments always have a fairly reliable sound insulation? What can be done so that extraneous noises do not interfere with living?

Almost eternal problem ..

It has already been repeatedly said and it has been written that comfort is an individual concept. But it is worth noting that there are a number of phenomena that most people are definitely annoying, and if such a phenomenon is present, then there can be no talk of any comfort.

Among such phenomena or factors is the noise. Any. Well, indeed, if you want to sleep, but something makes noise, thunders and tinkles, adds it to you joy? Hardly.

Therefore, an operation such as sound insulation of walls is an almost urgent need in modern conditions!

There is a way out, there would be a desire!

However, it is worth noting that in real life there are two ways to achieve such a goal – the first one, when they care about this at the stage of building a building or apartment, and the second, when the owner, dissatisfied with the living conditions, decides to carry out additional operations in a ready -made apartment. to improve them.

How to do it? The path, alas, is only one-it is necessary to lay a soundproof layer inside your dwelling, and then cover it either with wallpaper or something else, to achieve an aesthetic effect. There are now enough soundproofing materials on the market, with a variety of characteristics, as well as methods of application. The difference is only in price and in the timing of work.

There is only one thing "But". You should not trust the advertising of the soundproof capabilities of a particular material too much. You should always double -check, and ask those people who have already used one or another materials. In addition, it is worth remembering what matters, what material on which substrate is put – concrete, brick, or some other? Therefore, the choice is for us!

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